Brow Lamination: the new Permanent Makeup Technique

At eyebrows by Judith in Evanston, we believe to provide updated information regarding beauty treatments to our valuable readers and guess what? We are here with another latest talk of the town! Eyebrows Lamination. Excited, let’s get started.

Let’s learn everything in detail about this latest eyebrow treatment.

When it comes to brows there have been numerous treatment evolutions be that, eyebrow tattoos, eyebrow reshaping, or microblading . Women around the world have adopted varieties of techniques to do their brow routine right from the traditional way of tweezing, eyebrow threading, or eyebrow tinting. There have been millions of other ways to groom our brows to achieve Instagram inspired arches.

Surprisingly! There’s a new and trendy treatment emerged claiming to instantly provide you the most awaited desired, bushiest, youthful, and celebrity inspired arches. Yes! You heard it right. With the latest Eyebrow lamination treatment, one can easily achieve beautiful natural looking bushy brows in zero-downtime.

Brow Lamination! What Is It?

Lamination! What’s that? I know millions of questions must have erupted like a volcano in your brain. Right? As the name suggests, the treatment involves a unique technique of lifting and tinting the pigments to the brows with the help of hypoallergenic serum that is vegan and cruelty-free originated from Russia. The procedure incredibly tames unruly and tough hairs and eventually fixes them in a proper place precisely so that each hair lies in the same direction and it lasts for around a month. The end result you are left with a keratin eyebrow lamination! Sounds extremely amazing!

Moreover, eyebrow treatments always come with unique titles as the procedures itself is different to get the spectacular final result!

brow lamination

How does Eyebrow Lamination Process Done?

The procedure is simple as it saves you time as well as cost-effective in the long run as it provides implacable eyebrow goals!

  • The process begins with a prior consultation to discuss the preferred shape and right style that blends well with the face structure to give you a new and fresh appearance.
  • The brows are brushed upwards to give it a perfect straight uniform direction.
  • Then the coated brows are covered within cling film for about 20 minutes to set it.
  • The aesthetician applies cruelty-free vegan ingredient gentle solution to make the brows hair straight and also flexible.
  • To keep away dryness, a hydrating serum is usually applied to hydrate the brow hair.
  • After this, a natural-looking tint is applied to give your brows perfect color that adds extra fullness and also suits your skin tone and hair color.
  • The final part includes a nourishing serum that is applied in the brows.
  • Voila! Your eyebrows are done in around 50 minutes that lasts for at least a month.

The After Result of Keratin Eyebrow Lamination

After the lamination, your brows going to appear bushy, thicker, straighter, fuller, and insanely amazing along with preferred ideal shape. Ultimately the end result is brushed up and completely groomed youthful looking eyebrows. The good news is that forget about using brow pencils or pomade that consumes a lot of your precious time.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For Eyebrow Lamination?

It is completely ideal for each one of us; in fact, you don’t have to worry about skin type you have. Moreover, if you’re someone that needs an Instagram inspired arches then listen up! Get your brows laminated for sure. On the other hand, if you literally hate spending extended precious hours of your life to get your brows filled in using million of brow products to get that ideal shape then it’s now time to get your eyebrows an updated makeover with busy, thicker, fuller, and feathery arched brushed up brows.

What Is The Eyebrow Lamination Price?

The prices for brow lamination vary from a different salon in different countries, however, the estimated eyebrow lamination price is up to $75 to $85 and the results usually last up to 30-60 days with an assurance of easier days!

After Care for Eyebrow Lamination

Surprisingly! Brow lamination doesn’t involve a hectic aftercare regime and therefore it saves you a load of energy! Instead, you need to follow two rules formula that is, after the lamination procedure avid getting your brows wet for at least 24 hours and brush them with a clear brow gel every day! Simple, isn’t it?

after care brow lamination

What to Expect To Look After the Eyebrow Lamination or Brow Perming?

The brow lamination treatment is definitely going to solve all your messy and irritating brows issue by creating amazing natural volume and thickness along with the zero downtime instant result that lasts up to 2 months. It will encourage ideal brow growth as well.

Your brows will have a new life!

Along with the above context, there is certain other relative information you seriously need to know as there are numerous beauty courses available nowadays, Brow lamination course is also provided to help you with the beauty treatment course.

What You Will Learn In Brow Lamination Course?

If you’re someone wants to get a brow lamination course then down below are listed some important information that you might learn during the course-

  • Ideal ways to combine lamination with other eyebrow treatments
  • Relevant physiology and anatomy
  • Essential equipment and products required for the brow lamination treatment
  • Relevant information in regards to safety and health
  • Different brow shapes and designs
  • Ways to consult the clients
  • Correction of brow lamination
  • Patch testing before the beginning of the procedure
  • Information to contraindications to treatment
  • The Aftercare procedure

Hopefully, the above information was helpful to you as well as you enjoyed reading it. Now that you are quite well aware of the trendy and cool beauty talk of the town say hello to your new eyebrows by laminating them soon!

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