Essential Ways to Prevent Eyebrow Hair Loss

Nowadays fashion, beauty, and creative skincare regimes have taken a huge toll in the era right from the red carpet inspired outfit to the on-trend “bold brows”. Depending on your personal style preference whether it’s simply minimal or extremely glamorous undoubtedly fuller brows are the fresh trend to achieve. Celebrities around the world are craving over permanent eyebrows makeup treatment be that, microblading, eyebrow tinting, or the latest brow lamination technique. These beauty trends have gone viral on social sites and even famous makeup artists or fashion bloggers come up experimenting with their brow routine updating each time to treat eyebrow hair loss.

I know most of you must be dealing to cure the eyebrow hair loss and tried different homemade remedies and also filling your brows every day with expensive brow pomade right? Unfortunately, all these efforts go vain because obviously DIY methods usually don’t suit all skin types and it takes half of your life for brow hair to grow back! On the other hand, filling the brows every day seems very tiring and tedious to do as you almost get late to your workplace. Everything seems quite frustrating as the brow hair begins thinning or at once stops growing back. However, there are several reasons behind the eyebrow hair loss such as environmental factors, aging, prolonged illness, over plucking, severe skin problems, stress, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep and exercise, etc. These are mere enough reasons one can go through eyebrow hair loss symptoms or diminishing brows.

Surprisingly! You can rest assured because there are numerous ways to treat or cure your eyebrow hair loss and you can simply achieve your desired much-awaited natural fuller-looking brows to accentuate the overall personality that can make you stand out among your friends.

It all starts with the take care formula just as you do for your skin and hair the eyebrow hair also needs some special attention in order to restore the thickness and quality of the brow hair otherwise it might degrade over time. Therefore, it’s better to start prepping yourself to make a change ahead.

Basics to Know about Eyebrow Hair loss

Firstly, there are top-most two factors you are probably not aware that can turn your thin brows into former glory healthy looking eyebrows these are:

  • The deep-root follicle health
  • The surface of the head

According to Judith Tai Rannan, an expert eyebrow artist in Evanston, says, “It is quite vital to take health supplements to boost the hair growth as it focuses to improve follicles along with following certain essential steps to maintain the eyebrow hair for a natural, strong, and long brow.” Apart from this she also mentioned keeping the underneath skin of the eyebrow part nourished and healthy.

To help you understand deeply, the expert gave a comparable example of growing crops in a land just like good quality soil and fertilizer is required for the growth process but it can go all vain if the seed is not sowed below it.

Let’s learn ahead some actual ways to boost the growth of eyebrows hair in a miraculous time:

  • Check Your Makeup Routine- It is highly advised by the eyebrow artist, Judith, people experiencing eyebrow thinning should not overlook their brow makeup routine instead they should adopt the current less is more formula while applying their favorite brow products on a daily basis. She even notified us with a caution that brow products contain allergens and then rashes can occur that can cause dermatitis in the long run that eventually leads to diminishing brows.

However, eyebrow products that are powder-based are less likely to have a negative impact on the follicles because when using it the oxygen and oil usually pierce out and don’t interrupt the hair growth cycle.

  • Follow The Three-Step Eyebrow Regime- As explained earlier, eyebrows hair too needs attention just like your skin and hair. By including the three-step routine one can surely achieve the inspiring arches right from cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing the brow hair.

Make sure to clean your makeup from the surface of your skin thoroughly before going to bed to avoid bacteria, sweat, and build up oil sebum.

Then comes the exfoliation part you must include gentle exfoliation of your eyebrow step in your skincare routine to prevent loss of hair. Exfoliation helps to promote blood flow to the follicles and keep away the major problems such as dandruff, dead cells, and build up oil on the skin surface and the last step includes moisturizing or conditioning to prevent dryness eventually the eyebrows appear healthier.

  • Include Facial treatment- It is recommended by the eyebrow aesthetician Judith, to treat yourself with few minutes of facial massage as it stimulates blood flow and oxygenates follicle as it is vital to support the rapid growth of hair.

These are some easy go-to eyebrow routines that can surely help to improve eyebrow thinning giving you more youthful, natural, and fuller brows!

Hopefully, the article was helpful. To get more updates on eyebrows latest information simply visit the official website

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