How to grow out Your Lifeless Eyebrows?

If you’re someone facing difficulties with your eyebrows and always end up over-plucking or tweezing them wrong has probably gone through “eyebrow disaster”. This unwanted incident can radically change your appearance, face structure, and ultimately lowers down your self-esteem.

Undoubtedly, growing out such sparse brows after experiencing such eyebrow trauma seriously requires a lot of patience and tender care every day similarly like planting a tree in your yard. In case if your brows lost almost half of the hair or may be more it can surely take months and more weeks if you’re waiting for it to grow back as it was before trust me it will take half of your life! However, many conscious women around the world are opting for “semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo” or some call it microblading.   These are some smooth way to work with your brow trauma. You have definitely heard that every problem comes with a solution right? Well, these “semi-permanent makeup” ideas are exactly what you require to change eyebrow game.

Moreover, we turned to the right eyebrow artist, Judith in Evanston to compile some ideal tips on growing the brows back to normal. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Let’s get started:

When Should You Exactly Grow Your Eyebrows?

According to Judith Tai Rannan, the best time to consider growing out the eyebrows is to firstly understand that whether the shape of the eyebrow is complimenting your face or not and if they are just like the way you want because filling them every day with expensive brow products leaving you with time trouble and sometimes improper shape that you absolutely hate. After all who wants working with brows on a daily basis? Surely, No one! The other sign is in case you end up seeing your brows completely different even after filling them.

It’s obvious that you end up losing more energy and precious time doing brow makeup the whole time!

Judith explained further that a client named Kathleen shared her eyebrow story someday noted her “brows appeared extremely thin, out of shape, and they looked completely different from each other.” Moreover, I’m dead sure you must have heard the term “A girl is incomplete without the sister’s eyebrows”. It simply means they too should relate with each other.

How Long Will The Eyebrows Take To Grow Out In Shape?

Basically, the exact growth cycle for eyebrows is five months and also depending on your hair growth. However, Judith also explains with the use of brow conditioner regularly helps in eyebrow growth and it takes almost 8-10 weeks. There are pretty many chances you will see a progressive difference and also sometimes it can take almost a year to get back normal in shape!

Her personal suggested brow conditioner “Rapid Brow” it gives a serious result of eyebrow growth. The other tip you must include is eyebrow growth supplements in your diet for healthy brows and lashes.

Warning: Before opting for eyebrow supplements you must consult a medically certified esthetician like Judith Tai Raanan.

Further, she explained that the exact time obviously depends on person-to-person similar to people who get enough lucky if they end up with short bangs growing back too soon right? So, the same rule goes with the eyebrow hair growth because the hair growth is the same be that the eyebrow or your hair.  

Do you know?  The hair on other parts of your body and brows goes through a regular growth cycle because the renewal period of hair growth is almost the same for both that is almost four-five months. Therefore, people hardly notice the renewal and shedding period of the hair.

Mandatory tips to avoid thinning of eyebrows:

  • Keep yourself stress-free
  • Exercise
  • Use quality eyebrow makeup products
  • Follow proper diet
  • Avoid unnecessary medication
  • Include hair-growth vitamin
  • Avoid plucking
  • Consider Eyebrow shadowing

Should You Consider DIY Or Make Appointment With A Reputed Eyebrow Artist?

You must have heard the term that “life is beautiful when you meet the perfect brow artist” after all it’s about your most important face feature “eyebrows”. On the other hand, DIY is not a great option when it comes to fixing great brows. Therefore, it’s better to consult a professional rather than wasting your precious time doing it on your own.

However, if still, you want to give a try to wait for weeks and months so you can sling in there and just be PATIENT!

To check out more interesting eyebrow stories on eyebrows architecting or eyebrows tinting then keep reading and create gorgeous brows with us! Visit our official website

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