How to Maintain and Achieve Beautiful Eyebrows by Being at Home?

Now that all the beauty and hair salons are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s time to take care of yourself by being at home. Apart from taking care of your health, it’s important to focus on your daily beauty routine as well. The eyebrows are one of the important features of the face and you must take care of them to keep them beautiful.

 Why sit idle when you have all the time in the world left in your hand? Carry on your daily beauty routine to keep your glow on. And take care of your precious eyebrows as well. You don’t need to visit a salon to maintain your brows, you can do it by being at home as you all have access to the internet.

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Today, Judith- one of the most renowned eyebrow specialists in Evanston, is going to shed some light on eyebrow care tips. We hope these tips will be helpful for women that are having a hard time maintaining their eyebrows.

So, here they are-

1) Don’t over-tweeze

Tweeze your brows carefully to avoid over-tweezing. You could use an eyebrow pencil to create a shape and tweeze brows accordingly.

2) Leave them alone

 In case, you have missing brows in between or over-tweezed brows, you should leave them alone for a while. In order to achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows, you are going to have to let them grow at their full potential. The longer, the better for you to retain the shape of the natural brow.

3) Trim your brows

Do not forget to give your eyebrows a trimming once in a while. Use an eyebrow hairbrush and an eyebrow shaping scissor to trim the long hairs.

4) Prep your skin

To prep your skin for plucking, Judith recommends using a generous amount of facial oil on the brow bone, but do it gently. This will prevent hair breaking, lubricate your skin & hair follicle, and take away the edge of the skin’s sensitivity.

5) Skip waxing

If you are not an expert in doing your own eyebrows, then we would recommend skipping waxing. If anything goes wrong, your eyebrows will become surprisingly awful. Since tweezing is not a difficult process, you should stick to it until the coronavirus health crisis bids farewell.

6) Take away the Redness

Plucking can really make the skin red and cause irritation. Don’t worry, we have got a solution to this problem as well. You can use a cooling gel on the targeted skin. This will calm down any irritation and tighten the pores as well. Thus, cool off your skin by applying a cooling gel after plucking your brows.

7) Fake a fuller finish to hide the flaws

If you have missing brows or some sparse spots, you can fake them easily. Use a brow pencil to fill in the missing brows or conceal the sparse spots. The brow pencil shade must match your natural brow color to make the faking finish look natural.

Ladies, since you have plenty of free time, it’s time to flaunt your skills. Take care of your family, your skin, and of course, your eyebrows. Do not let the on-going health crisis get in your way of fun time at home.

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