semi permanent eyebrow tattoo

Fuller eyebrows work wonder to enhance face feature and look astonishing even if you don’t indulge into full face makeup. It’s not possible to wake up every day and do your brows within a minute it takes patience and precise tools to make it happen.

ava microblading pens

Thanks to the updated latest technology microblading which has completely change the brows game. In recent year’s eyebrows, permanent tattooing has gone viral and leading the mainstream. Many cosmetic agencies have come up with varieties of eyebrow tools such as brow pencil, pomade, and an updated ava microblading pen as it is quite easy to use and leaves your brows looking naturally full and beautiful. But no matter what a technician knows best about the technical aspect of the uses of the tools and everything, after all, you won’t take a chance to play with your most important feature of the face. To achieve better brows you can consult Judith Raanan, a renowned eyebrow artist who will provide you the best possible guide and service for fuller younger looking brows.

Let see, what exactly is a Microblading Treatment?

The name itself sounds a fancy eyebrow tattoo and is a popular form of permanent makeup. It works amazing with the modern technology that simulates individual hair strokes to the sparse areas of the brows and gives a natural effect. The eyebrow artist uses a unique pen to deposit pigments directly underneath the skin of the brows.

Working process

It works for any individual who is facing loads of problems with their brows and it is suitable for all skin types as well. The procedure is the dermatologist-approved and ideal treatment to refurbish the eyebrows.

Is it Long-Lasting?

The plus point is it lasts up to 12 to 18 months but you must come for touch-ups to well-maintain your brows and also make sure to maintain aftercare procedure when you micro bladed your brows.

Is it cost-effective?

The treatment is a bit expensive but the positive side is you are left with the desired youthful-looking brows in the long run!

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