Important Tips on “How to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows” By the Industry’s Leading Artist Judith


Women do not mind spending hundreds of dollars to have their eyebrows forged into the perfect shape. And why wouldn’t they since brows are an integral part of the facial structure. Can you picture yourself with thin brows with hair missing in between? Of course not. Having a pair of perfectly shaped brows is what every woman desires to look and feel amazing!


Judith, a renowned esthetician and a microblading specialist in Evanston shared some important facts about eyebrows. Actually, she disclosed the secret to get perfect eyebrows. Want to hear them? Do stay with us then.

Judith provided a handful set of tips on how to manage your eyebrows to get them into the perfect shape. So, here they are-

Do not touch your brows for five to six weeks

If your brows are already thin and all messed up, you are going to have to stop trying to fix them for a while. Instead, you should let them grow in their natural way. That means no tweezing, threading or waxing until the brows are grown fully or at least in the condition to get them done. It’s very important to let your natural hair grow back to see them in the fullest potential.

However, you are going to have to brush them with a brush before applying any product. Brushing is an amazing idea to keep the brows in the shape and it also helps an artist to see the natural hair pattern which makes it easier to work on the brows shaping. Therefore, do not forget to brush your brows to keep them in decent shape until you have your eyebrows done.

Figure out what shape kind of shape you want

Before having your eyebrows done, you should figure out what shape you prefer to have. If you intend on shaping your brows by yourself, use a brow pencil to draw the shape and then work on it. However, it’s better not do it by yourself unless you are a pro or else you may end up making the brows much worse. You always should have a professional artist to do your brows.

Consider investing in a good brow pencil

Use a good brow pencil to fill in the missing brows and make little hair strokes. Daily usage of the brows pencil also enhances natural hair growth pattern. Using a brow pencil do not make your eyebrows perfect but can make your brows look good for the time being. And for that, you are going to have to know how to use the pencil properly. Meaning, the applying method should be correct and appropriate.

Hold your skin very carefully while applying the brows product

Getting the skin as flat as possible allows you to draw even and consistent hair strokes. And if not, the shape can be uneven. Thus, hold the skin properly to make it flat and even while applying products.

You can go for tweezing and trimming if you must

Tweezing and trimming are necessary to prevent extra hair growth and keep the brows in good shape. However, you have to be very careful when you do that. The improper method of tweezing and trimming can damage your brows and then you will be like “oh my God, I am screwed!”.  Thus, do not do your brows unless you are expert at it.

Finish the makeup off with a gel

To make your eyebrows fuller and darker add some brow gel on the top of the brows. The gel creates a more dimensional look as it enhances the color, makes the brows shine, and keep the makeup intact for a long time.

Nonetheless, if you are not so comfortable at doing your own brows, it’s better to seek professional help. Whether you want to get your eyebrows done with the common method threading or the much popular method microblading, a professional artist can help you.  

Now, you must be wondering how much it will cost to get your eyebrows done professionally. The average cost totally depends on the location and the experience of the specialist. Well, our very own Judith charges a very reasonable price despite being one of the highly experienced estheticians in the industry. So, you can consider consulting her to get your eyebrows done. She will definitely help you to achieve great eyebrows.

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