Smart Tips to Flaunt Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape

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When it comes to framing the face the prefect shaped eyebrows play a vital role as it defines the eyes and also enhances our face features. However, with our extremely busy schedule it’s quite impossible to do the brow routine every day, isn’t it? Here enter advance eyebrow treatments such as microblading, eyebrow tinting, or eyebrow shading. Today, most women are opting for these types of advanced beauty treatments in order to save time while looking absolutely stunning at the same time. In case you’re someone who is attached with eyebrow threading, you must include some home remedies or DIY tips to shape your mini hairs.

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According to the expert eyebrow artist, Judith Tai Raanan she says, although shaping the brows on your own can be tricky to some level, but with the help of the listed tips and tricks one can easily learn to shape the eyebrows just like a pro-

#Tip1: Study the Shape of the Brows:

This is the first and one of the most important parts of learning the correct way to shape your brows. Before plucking out excess hair and making it thinner which is anyway not a cool fashion at all you seriously require to know the exact face shape.

Diamond face shape: It clearly explains that the shape of the eyebrow is balanced, but angular arch, so you should opt to soften the arches and to that, you must choose curved or soft arches to give a soft defined overall look.

eyebrows in evanstone

Long face shape: Our eyebrow expert highly suggests avoiding the high arch brows women with long shape instead, choose flat eyebrow shape as the main motive is to make your overall look rounder.

Oval face shape: Lucky are those who are blessed with oval face shape because you already have a perfect sharpened out features, so, dramatic eyebrow shape is big No, No! Instead, simply opt for soft angled arched eyebrows.

eyebrows in evanstone


Natural fashion brow shape. Wrong and right eyebrow forms and types. Hand-drawn vector illustration.

Square face shape: Basically square face women have a very strong feature because of a square jawline. You should opt for a soft elongated look with low soft arches or rounder arches for a feminine overall look.

Round face shape: When it comes to round face shape all you have to make it appear longer and for that, you must choose either high arched brows or a soft arche.

Heart-face shaped: For heart-face shape, round arches will define the face structure as the eyebrows tend to look natural because usually, heart face shape has pointed chins so a round arch will eventually soften the look.

#Tip2: Make use of Right tools: Right tools can make a huge difference when shaping the brows, so, make sure you’re prepared with correct tools in order to meet the job smoothly. However, eyebrow shading or eyebrow threading can easily be done at a salon you must carry shaving razors or eyebrow tweezers to do the eyebrow shaping at home.

eyebrows in evanstone

#Tip3: Eyebrow mapping: Last but not least mapping the brows perfectly is an essential part of eyebrow shaping routine. This step is very simple all you need to use a liner and map the shape with either brown or black liner. Draw on both the bottom as well as top make sure to line the top starting in the middle to make it appear natural. Fill the gaps and then use a concealer one tone lighter than your skin color and use it under the eyebrows and blend it carefully. Voila! You’re done!

Hopefully, the above tips and tricks will help you to achieve a fuller looking eyebrow shape. For more upcoming latest updates on eyebrow threading, eyebrow architecting, semi-permanent makeup keep reading our blogs and also follow us on Instagram page. Simply visit our official website now!

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