Top Tips for Christmas Brows in 2019

Dewy base, bold red lips, cat eyeliner, and gold sparkly eyes look so glamorous and truly festive at the same time, right? But what about your brows, don’t you think they too need special attention.

Christmas is almost knocking at the door and everyone loves this holiday time. Obviously its years one of the best times to spend with our near and dear ones and of course each one wants to look absolutely fabulous!

Right from styling hair, dress, shoes, and accessories need a unique holiday vibe. Many girls just love to go over the top and show that they seriously like to experiment with makeup and style to enjoy the holiday season. From trending brow lamination, semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo and now to Christmas eyebrows is something the girls are craving for. This is so festive and extremely wild to carry ahead.

The trendy “Christmas brows” is seriously giving us amazingly creative ideas to create unique eyebrow design to insanely top list the festive brow toppers.

However, to some people, it can be a little crazy but if you once try it I’m sure you may get addicted to play around with eyebrow innovation. No matter what still you can’t look away from these over the top “Christmas brow trees”! Whether it is “feather brows”, “bauble brows”, or “barbed wired brows” each has its own unique form of style.

Check for yourself to some great and innovative Christmas brow tips:

  • Our expert makeup artist Judith suggested changing your eyebrow game by adding some bold colors like olive green, red, orange, etc.
  • Add some gems, glitter, sequins, or stars to give an illusion of ornaments hanging from a Christmas tree.
  • You can also choose to use swished sparkle to create tinsels and garlands.
  • Or, add some tiny little silver-coated stars for more decorative brows.
  • You can also use some green and blue colored mascara over brow hair for a subtle base.
  • As for the beginners just use some shaped stickers and stick around the brow area and fill the gaps with a gold shimmer.

Nonetheless, whatever you choose to be that a blingy brow or a matchy-matchy brow hair sequined make sure to rock the holiday party!

If you find it interesting then talk to our expertise brow artist Judith Tai Raanan. You can easily find super interesting facts and updated information on eyebrow tinting, microblading, or festive brows! Merry Christmas!

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