Top Tips to Create Perfect Sculpted Eyebrows for Different Face Shape


Have you ever thought about how exactly all the celebrities achieve those perfect eyebrows? Well, I’m sure most of you always dream of having beautiful bushy brows to feel youthful and fresh every time. However, although it may seem simple as you surely must be aware of the basic steps to keep in shape may be by tweezing or eyebrow threading but there are pretty many chances to commit eyebrow mistake because you hardly pay much attention to the face shape. Yes! Ladies, you heard it right when it comes to creating a perfect eyebrow the shape of your face plays a vital role.

Sculpted Eyebrows

Moreover, if you’re someone who is not much into makeup then “perfect sculpted brows” can be the best way to enhance your face features while making your eyes open up and you look extremely youthful at the same time!

So, are you ready for your next eyebrow shaping tutorial at home? The renowned eyebrow artist, Judith shares some of the super-secret to looking instantly attractive by simply shaping your brows perfectly.

Tips to know to create perfectly shaped eyebrows-

Although there is a no-such secret technique to create the perfectly sculpted brows with a little effort and creativity, you can achieve a worthy time-invested reward.

 Know Your Eyebrow Shape

  • Determine the starting point: With the help of a tweezer flip it and then place it in a vertical position at the outer edge and mark the brow point.
  • Identify the end points: It’s quite simple just mark the exact spot where the tweezer crosses the brow hairs end and start plucking in the opposite direction.
  • Fill your brows: Now simply fill the gaps using an eyebrow pencil just draw a line at the bottom part and start filling at the beginning following the arches with a light hand.
eyebrow shaping

What Is The Best Eyebrow Type To Suit Your Face Shape?

  • Round shaped face: This face shape needs to be slimmed down to instantly lift the features for a youthful look. Make sure to use a micro lining pencil and create structured eyebrows with longer ends and angled arches.
  • Heart-shaped face: In order to compliment such sharp angles, it’s important to carry ahead brows with fluidity and curves so, achieve this by simply creating soft and rounded brows filling in with natural color.
  • Diamond-shaped face: Judith, our renowned esthetician highly suggests to avoid high arches instead carry ahead flat and linear brow shape to ensure amazing and flattering end result otherwise high arches can exaggerate the face length more.
  • Square shaped face: The secret to creating less boxy and softer look create arches with peak angle as it will help to create an illusion of having a narrower and longer face shape.
  • Oval shaped face: For oval face shaped people it’s vital to create contoured and well-balanced brows. So, pay attention to the thickness of your brows it means if you have smaller facial features you should opt for slimmer arches and vice versa.
  • Oblong-shaped face: The main focal point with oblong-shaped face people is to have a plump effect on the face so, pay attention to the brow length and create shorter brows.

Now you know your exact face shape, so why waiting? create your favorite black, brown, or bronze smoky eye look or simply a “no-makeup” look for that extra glamorous or subtle face!

Hopefully, the above information was helpful to you!

To get the latest updates turn to our eyebrow specialists Judith Tai Raanan, and learn everything in regard to eyebrow shading, eyebrow tinting, microblading, or eyebrow shaping and feel more confident and youthful with your new set of brows!

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