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It’s simply clear about the importance of the eyebrows as it accentuates our face feature and creates a signature statement look along with adding a touch of unique personality. However, it’s essential to care for your eyebrows by giving them proper shape, texture, and gradation and all these can be achieved with the choice of right brow products. If you’re someone who doesn’t like filling eyebrows everyday then you can any day go ahead with the trending semi-permanent makeup treatments such as microblading, eyebrow lamination, brow tinting, etc. Right form Hollywood celebrities to famous public figures around the world have adopted these treatments to make brow routine more easy and comfortable to carry every day.


 Ace the Eyebrows Makeover with A Few Basics

Firstly, make sure to fill your brows with a right brow product be that pomade, eyebrow pencil, or simply using an eye shadow palette with a perfect shade of brown, grey, or black.

Secondly, while filling them you must always keep in mind about the shape of your brows as everyone has a different shape and symmetrical size.

Thirdly, avoid excessive threading instead you should thread the brows every three to six months to maintain a natural perfect shape otherwise it can lead to thinning of brow hair.

In case you have really sparse brows you can opt for eyebrow tinting to fill the brows that can easily provide you instant bushy brows with a youthful overall appearance.

Easy Hacks for Natural Brow Lovers

If you’re someone blessed with naturally thick brows all you can do is to set the brows with a clear brow gel. These are easily available in any makeup store or an online site one of my personal favorites is Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel because it tames my natural brows and frames my face.

To perfect those sparse areas you can fill it with brow pomade to add a touch of tint and then set with clear brow gel of your preferred choice.

Moreover, if you want to achieve an inspired celebrity look you can always choose to do microblading, eyebrow tinting, brow lamination, etc. When you choose for any type of semi-permanent makeup a perfect eyebrow artist like Judith Tai Raanan plays an important part as she is the one to provide you the best eyebrow shape with an appropriate permanent makeup treatment.

 Tips to Editorial Brow Makeover

To add a subtle definition to your eyebrows make sure you have plenty of time in your hands to achieve feathery and brushed up youthful-looking brows. Remember to add texture; drawing the individual hairs of your brows would make the work more easily and worth it. You can use Brow tint fine pen such as Bobbi browns eye shadow in slate and in case if you are finding the pen tinting task tedious with more effort than eyebrow shadowing is one of the best ways to make things work as it creates beautiful shadow of the hair while keeping the entire brow look natural, soft, subtle, and incredibly polished.

Instant Instagram Inspo Brow

To create insta inspo brows, but a better version one can carry a natural shape while creating bold eyebrows.  Products such as Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencil and Benefit Precisely eyebrow pencil can easily make for a textured, thick, and quick brow routine. You can easily have control to create precise hair strokes while filling it all in.

However, it surely needs a good practice and once you make it I’m dead sure it will be an ultimate favorite go-to eyebrow routine.  One more thing to remember is to always comb your brows with the spoolie to mesh the product underneath the brow surface for a natural effect.

Hopefully, this blog was helpful to you. We will always come up with more updated brow goals to ace your beauty routine. To learn more visit

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