What is Permanent Makeup?

Eyebrows By Juddith
Eyebrows By Juddith

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Eyebrows By Juddith


Permanent makeup- Pros and Cons

We all have a jam-packed morning schedule starting from getting up, freshen up, having breakfast, getting ready to heading up for work. And we need some extra minutes to put on the makeup, give or take 10 minutes. None of us want to go out without makeup on, but sometimes, we can’t afford to spare time wearing the proper makeup. That’s why everyone looks for a permanent solution so we wouldn’t have to worry about the makeup every day.

Eyebrows By Juddith

If you are looking for a solution, permanent makeup might just be the solution for you saving you from the hassle of doing your makeup every day in the morning. However, it’s a cosmetic procedure and it takes time to finally see the optimal result. Moreover, you should not overlook the potential risks associated with it.


Why it’s known as permanent makeup?


Eyebrows By Juddith

The permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure called micropigmentation, where a tattoo pen with ink is injected into the skin. The primary areas where permanent makeup is applied are- lips, eyebrows, upper eyelash lines. Generally, each procedure takes about 30 to 120 minutes depending on the area makeup to be applied. Since you could experience minimal pain, the esthetician uses a numbing cream on the areas being tattooed to minimize the pain. Make sure to remember that this cosmetic procedure will make your tattooed areas swell and will be quite sensitive until it heals completely. Therefore, you will have to be patient to finally see the result. Once your tattooed areas completely healed, it’s worth the wait.

Mind the costs

The one important fact about permanent makeup is, it is quite costly ranging from costs between $400 to $1000. The costs of each procedure depend on the area to be tattooed, the location, quality of the work, and the reputation of the esthetician.

Great benefits

The greatest benefit of permanent makeup is you won’t have to go through the trouble of applying makeup every day. You can easily invest the time in another task that you usually spend putting on your makeup. The permanent makeup is the ultimate solution for women who are constantly in a mood to on the go and have issues of-

  • Hair loss due to chemotherapy, cosmetic surgery, and other accidents.
  • Have difficulties in applying makeup due to an accident.
  • Skin prone to an allergic reaction to the traditional makeup products due to having sensitive skin.


Point to be noted, since permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure it’s must be performed by a licensed, highly trained and professional esthetician. The potential risks and complications associated with this procedure are-

  • Allergic reaction- People with sensitive skin are usually prone to allergic reaction. Thus, the permanent makeup might not be the solution if your skin is highly prone to allergic reaction especially foreign pigments.
  • Infection- The equipment and needles which are used in tattooing are required to be fully cleaned and sanitized. If not, you can be a victim of infectious diseases.
  • Scarring- Sometimes for some cases, scars can be developed.
  • Tough removal process- The makeup removal process of permanent makeup is a painstaking and slow process. You will require visiting your practitioner several times to permanently remove the tattooed ink. And above all, it’s expensive.

Nevertheless, although the whole process sounds intimidating, it’s worth considering once it’s completely done. Just make sure to find out whether you are fit for the procedure or not. Therefore, always consider consulting a highly experienced esthetician to get your permanent makeup done.

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